Do Well.
Do Good.

The Battier Take Charge Foundation is dedicated to providing college scholarships, dynamic programming and academic resources for underserved yet driven young scholars. We are encouraging, inspiring and supporting a new generation of potential leaders through quality educational opportunities and the cultivation of effective leadership skills.

Battier Take Charge scholars attend outstanding Colleges and Universities across the country, including:

Our Results


of Battier Scholars are first-generation college students


of Battier Scholars receive their Bachelor's degree or higher


of GUIDE Scholars enroll in college following their high school graduation

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We are proud to partner with the following outstanding organizations, who share in our mission to provide wide-ranging resources and opportunities to driven young scholars:


Nine years ago, Jackie earned one of the first Battier scholarships and in 2019, became the first Battier Scholar licensed attorney.

Of the many meaningful opportunities the Batter Take Charge Foundation has provided over the years, Jackie’s first Leadership Retreat stands out as one of the most impactful moments for her. She recalls that during this time and through the activities with the foundation team and her fellow Scholars, she came to fully understand the significance of the Do Well. Do Good. ethos.

“The lessons learned during the retreat really guided me on what I wanted my experience to be” notes Jackie. She then decided to pursue a path in which she could give others the opportunity to do well in life. After majoring in International Studies of Commerce as a means of exploring different cultures, Jackie graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and continued on to law school at Golden Gate University. For this first-generation college graduate, becoming an attorney was an easy choice. The profession allows her to not just do good for individual people, but to strive for policy changes that do good for multitudes.

Having passed the bar examination, Jackie is poised to begin her law career with the goal of making an impact for those who navigate domestic abuse, income disparity, and additional hardships. A personification of “Do Well. Do Good.” Indeed, for this inspiring Battier Scholar.


This year, Battier Scholar and Syracuse University student Julio continued his quest to “travel the world” by studying abroad in Hong Kong. Thanks to funds available through his scholarship, Julio was able to realize this dream of exploring Asia.

In high school, Julio participated in a trip to Costa Rica during his junior year, sparking an interest in visiting places beyond his home country of the United States and his birth country of Puerto Rico. Since then, he has sought additional opportunities to travel and learn abroad, taking advantage of not only the semester in Hong Kong, but a six-week summer program in Madrid, Spain that introduced him to Europe.

Julio credits the Battier Take Charge Foundation with both the financial support and the extra motivation to broaden his horizons during his undergraduate tenure. Julio notes that “if I didn’t have the funding, I wouldn’t have had these experiences.” He also recalls a conversation with Shane in which Shane shared his extensive travels thanks to the NBA and encouraged Julio to also see as many different areas of the world as possible.

For Julio, the contributions to these study abroad programs represent the greater support system of the foundation for which he is truly grateful. “As a first-generation college student, my parents don’t fully understand the ins and outs of what I am doing, my activities, and my academics. I am so appreciative for the foundation team and my fellow Scholars — these amazing people doing amazing things — and that they understand the value in what I am doing.”

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